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Grubs FenLine

Grubs FenLine

Ref: 2826

The Grubs Fenline provides a totally waterproof wellington that can be used in temperatures down to -20 deg centigrade to +30 deg centigrade in total comfort. Grubs Fenline also have a TREDZ sole pattern and Hard Toe feature, making the Grubs Fenline the perfect field boot for agricultural use.

That is probably why our typical customer for Grubs Fenline boots is Farmers & Vets. Above the TREDZ sole, the Grubs fenline have a 6mm Nitrocell foot-bed that provides both comfort & warmth. The uppers are a composite of a Super Dri lining, a 5mm insulating foam layer and a tough texturised nylon outer layer. On top of this is a 2mm layer of rubber that extends over the foot and half way up the boot.

So if you work outdoors in harsh conditions, the Grubs Fenline is certainly the wellington boot for you.

Price: 85.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

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